In the beginning…

Not as earth shaking as Genesis, but new beginnings are exciting, and this, my initial post, is definitely that. It’s the starting point of my _serious_ writing career, with all the pitfalls and promontories that come with it. Of course, I’m hoping there will be more hills than valleys, but I’m willing to adventure out nevertheless.

A writing career is a goal, a hope, a fulfillment, and a necessity, all at once. That it is goal and hope is obvious, but the fulfillment and necessity might be more obscure. A career in writing will signal that I am ready (or almost ready) to move on from my teaching career and embrace another. The necessity is that for as long as I can remember, I have been compelled to write–in prose, poetry, and drama. Although I’ve written and been published, I feel I’ve arrived at a place that is both an ending and a beginning.

Thanks to youngest son Brad, computer geek extraordinaire, for setting this site up for me. And future thanks to oldest son and graphic designer Glenn Jr., who I’m sure will tweak the website until one or both of us is satisfied–like that’s going to happen any time soon… Perhaps I should mention my middle son Lee, who didn’t do anything directly to enable this site, unless you count giving me the inspiration to follow my passion in theatre and writing as he did his in music.

Attack with passion, follow through with hard work, and hope for the best: a philosophy that has served me well in the classroom and on the stage. I am confident it will continue to function as I begin, again.

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